Other Resources

Courtesy of Misophonia Kids

Here are several additional resources that contain helpful information in regards to Misophonia:


  • The Misophonia Network is a new social media network for misophonia. The idea is for the team to use it in conjunction to other misophonia sites and discord for support, coping skills/tips, and discussion of research. Clinicians, Parents/Loved Ones, Friends, and Sufferers of Misophonia are all welcome. To join, visit The Misophonia Network
  • For those people who reside in the United Kingdom, visit Allergic to Sound
  • For people who have co-occurring Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Misophonia, visit International OCD Foundation
  • For people who have co-occuring Tinnitus or Hyperacusis and Misophonia, Dr. Pawel Jastreboff's Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Center
  • To follow Dr. Jennifer Jo Brout's blog on Psychology Today, visit Noises
  • For parents and loved ones who have children with Misophonia, visit Dr. Brout's Misophonia Kids
  • To see groups that are involved in misophonia research and some currently funded projects, visit Misophonia Research Fund (MRF)
  • Hear conversations with people who have misophonia & occasional guests who are researchers and clinicians, visit The Misophonia Podcast
  • Regulate, Reason, Reassure: A Parent’s Guide to Understanding and Managing Misophonia, is a coping skills manual for parents to help their own children and teens manage misophonia. RRR was developed by Dr. Jennifer Brout through her own experiences as a clinician, a sufferer of misophonia, and the mother of an adult child who showed signs of misophonia at a young age. RRR gives parents the tools to help mediate misophonia and provides easy to follow guidelines and work sheets to ensure parents have the skills to continue practicing RRR with their child as they grow and develop. You will find more here Regulate, Reason, Reassure: A Parent’s Guide to Understanding and Managing Misophonia



  • For Clinicians/Providers looking for a misophonia training course, consider Misophonia Education's An Introduction to Misophonia for Clinicians. This course is for clinicians and misophonia treatment providers and it provides an overview of misophonia, and the basics of misophonia research and coping skills with the most current and to date research available. The format is in video recordings and text. You can work at your own pace with no deadlines. If you have watched some of the presentations in the past, feel free to only watch those you have not yet seen. Participants of this course are eligible to be listed on the Misophonia Provider Network as a treatment provider. To learn more and/or to register for this course, visit Misophonia Education's Intro Clinician Course