Ongoing Research

Phenotyping Study of Misophonia

Very little is known about the nature of Misophonia, or its causes and correlates, compared to other known clinical phenomena. This means that we truly don't know the boundaries around what Misophonia is, and what it is not. Until we better understand what it is, it will be difficult to obtain funding from the NIH or other funding agencies to develop and test treatments for Misophonia.

In this study, we will collect a range of measures related to the causes and correlates of Misophonia. For example, we will use gold standard psychiatric interviews to examine whether Misophonia is differentially related to any specific psychiatric disorders. We will use laboratory psychophysiological methods to differentiate Misophonia and other clinical conditions on measures related to emotional reactivity. And, importantly, we will use ecological momentary assessment methods to characterize the temporal dynamics of Misophonia symptoms and difficulties regulating emotions over time compared to other clinical conditions.

You may be eligible for this research study if you are 18 to 65 years old and belong to one of these 3 groups:

  • Extraordinarily bothered by sounds such as chewing, slurping, throat clearing, finger tapping, foot shuffling, keyboard tapping, rustling, nasal sounds, pen clicking, etc.
  • Tend to feel very anxious a lot of the time
  • Generally upbeat with no mental health problems (a healthy control)

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Development and Validation of a New Self-report Measure of Misophonia

There are very few measures of Misophonia that have been developed rigorously with strong psychometric properties. This means that studies of Misophonia to date are limited by the quality of the measures that are used. To understand what Misophonia is and how to treat it, high quality measures are needed. That is the goal of this study. Specifically, in this study we are developing and scientifically validating a new measure of Misophonia symptoms and related problems. This involves interviews with sufferers and their family members, as well as several rounds of self-report measurement using multiple methods, including those that are prospective. Our goal is to develop a cutting-edge, reliable, and valid scale that can be used to assess Misophonia symptoms and the underlying problems that can be targeted for change in treatments.

You may be eligible for this research study if:

  • You (or your family member) are extraordinarily bothered by sounds such as chewing, slurping, throat clearing, finger tapping, foot shuffling, keyboard tapping, rustling, nasal sounds, pen clicking, etc.
  • The experience of such sounds interferes with day-to-day life
  • You are 18 years or older

**Due to an incredible number of responses, this study is currently PAUSED to enrollment of additional participants as we review the information we have received, complete interviews and start to review the data. Thank you to all of those who have reached out and completed our online survey! We are so grateful for your willingness to participate and be a part of this study. We will be updating our website as additional Misophonia research studies begin to recruit, so please check back soon! To see some of our Center's planned Misophonia research studies, check out Upcoming Studies. Additionally, if you would like to be added to our growing list of people who are interested in hearing more about our program as well as future research opportunities please email us.