Education for Sufferers & Loved Ones

We offer workshops and e-conferences to the public to help increase awareness about Misophonia.

Next Scheduled Quarterly Misophonia Research E-Conference:

"Updates from the Unified Protocol (UP) Treatment study for Misophonia"

Thursday, July 15th, 2021

7:00PM EST (4:00PM PST)

Duke CMER's, Dr. Clair Robbins will be giving updates about our Unified Protocol (UP) Treatment study for Misophonia. She will discuss the rationale for using this treatment for adults with Misophonia and also share preliminary treatment results for individuals who have completed the UP treatment or who are still currently receiving UP in the study. Participants in the study have misophonia and they receive up to 16 weeks of UP treatment via telehealth.

CMER Director, Dr. Zach Rosenthal and Dr. Jennifer Brout, the Director of the International Misophonia Research Network (IMRN) will also be available to answer questions.

To register for this upcoming research e-conference, please do so through Dr. Brout's Misophonia Education site.

If you have any questions regarding workshops/e-conferences scheduled or have suggestions about topics for future ones, you may email us.


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