Clinician Training

It is very difficult to find a clinician with scientific knowledge about Misophonia. This can be highly frustrating for anyone looking for help related to Misophonia. We want to change this.

A primary mission of our Center is to increase awareness about Misophonia to clinicians across healthcare settings (e.g., outpatient, inpatient) and types of clinical providers (e.g., physicians, psychologists, social workers, counselors, occupational therapists, audiologists, and others).

If you are a clinician and would like to learn more about Misophonia, please see our resources tab for introductory information or, if you are interested in knowing about research related to Misophonia, you may read the empirical review paper about Misophonia.

If you would like your clinical practice or setting to receive a training related to Misophonia, please contact Dr. Rosenthal directly at