Are you interested in sharing your Misophonia story with Boston journalist writing a book?

January 25, 2021

Chris Berdik, a journalist in Boston, is writing a book about noise that will be published by Norton. One chapter will dig into misophonia and related psychoacoustic impacts of sound. This book will be geared to a general audience, and so it will depend on the voices and stories of real people, bolstered by scientific findings, inquiries, and expert insights. 

If you think you might be interested in telling him your story, please email him at Initial correspondence will be strictly on-background and off-the-record until and unless you both agree to do an on-the-record interview. If you want to know more about Chris and his work, please visit his website HERE or just email him questions. Also, in the run-up to this book project, he has written several magazine articles about noise from different angles for the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, Popular ScienceHigh Country News, and Undark. Many thanks for any time you take. He hopes to hear from you.